About Clover


Clover works with endeavors that aim to lift up the culture and  communities surrounding them.

These endeavors can be artists, local businesses, political movements, etc., and they are classified 

as "Culture-Enhancers". 

Sam and Michele came up with this idea realizing that often times building a business, brand, or movement by trying to give back to the community can be both expensive and trying. Because of this artists, small businesses, local campaigns, may need to give up before they are able to see some sort of success. Clover believes this should not be the case. 

If there are businesses that are giving back by supporting local, organic, sustainable ingredients, that are putting money into the arts; if there are organizations that are working hard everyday to uplift the most disenfranchised communities within the area; if there are creatives and artists who are trying to find success in their communities -- they should be able to have their shot of real success. Money should not be the issue. That's why here at Clover, we strongly believe in building a foundation from the bottom up, by creating a base and community, a loyal group of fans, supporters, and patrons to help any endeavor achieve success. 


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